Airport CID: proposal to help traffic tie ups

A report from the April 20th East Point Council meeting:

AGENDA ITEMS THAT WERE NOT DISCUSSED – Two agenda items, sponsored by Council member Martin, were not discussed. Those items were the renaming of Mount Olive Elementary School and the Dedication of Greenspace – Ward D – Ale Circle. Martin requested that the renaming of Mount Olive Elementary School take place at the May 4th meeting and the greenspace dedication in Ward D at Ale Circle be moved to the May 11th work session. The council approved the amendment to the agenda that removed these items from being discussed.

Airport West CID – A presentation was given to the council by representatives from the Airport West CID. There is a discussion being held with GDOT with upgrades to the Camp Creek/I-285 interchange. The Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) concept is going to be presented in November to help relieve congestion.

The CID also brought the following jurisdictions together regarding public safety – Atlanta, East Point, College Park, and Fulton County. The CID has hired a public safety director, who will start in May. They will help coordinate efforts to improve the safety in the areas that is covered by the CID. Finally, the CID is spending $500,000 on aesthetic improvements, such as removing illegally placed signs and mowing grass. This will help improve the look and feel of the area under the realm of the CID, such as Camp Creek Marketplace.

PUBLIC HEARINGS – Two public hearings were held. One was for the Hilton Garden hotel applying for a alcohol license. The other was for 29 Degrees Main, located at 4498 Washington Road, also requesting an alcohol license. Nobody spoke in opposition of both public hearings. The East Point Police Department signed off on both applications. The council approved both applications unanimously.

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS – All of the following consent agenda items were approved unanimously – Resolution for Bond refinancing, Replacment of Flow Monitoring Equipment, Contract for Professional Engineering Design Services in Support of GDOT Project ID No. 0012638, MEAG Power 2014 Year End Settlement, Contract 2015-1545 for Electrical Infrastructure Redwine Apartments, New Pickup Truck 2015 for East Point Power, and Duke Properties Building P Electrical Infrastructure Materials.

Youth Financial Literacy Technical Assistance – This is a program that will teaches young people about bank accounts, how lending system works, and other financial fundamentals. This program targets youth that come from families that don’t have bank accounts. It doesn’t cost any money for the city to apply to participate in the program. The application is being done through Fulton County. The council voted unanimously to participate in this program.

Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 1, General Provisions Sections 2-2003 and 2-2004: The two sections 2-2003 and 2-2004 are in respect to the Budget and Finance committees. The ordinance amendment is to combine the two committees. The amendment passed unanimously. Once this amendment was passed, Todd Edwards (citizen member of the committee), and council members Shropshire and Holiday-Ingraham were selected for the board. All there were approved by the council to serve on the newly created Budget and Finance Committee.