Wildlife in East Point’s Jefferson Park


Photo by: San Diego Zoo

Great horned owls have been nesting in and around the Jefferson Park neighborhood. The calls of these birds are pretty amazing.

According to the recent 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count, 87 types of birds were identified in Fulton County. A bird watcher in East Point spotted six types of bird species.

East Point police officer in need of help for transplant

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.45.00 PMAn East Point police officer aims to raise $25,000 to pay for a needed five organ transplant.

Officer Toure Heywood posted this on GoFundMe.

“My name is Toure Heywood and I am in need of a multivisceral transplant which is a 5 organ transplant. I am currently on a transplant list and need help with medical costs, medications etc. My condition is getting worse and resulted from a blood clot that went undetected for years. While working doing a traffic stop I was struck by a driver that fled the scene. I would really appreciate your help and thanks for any assistance that you could provide.”


Sheila Merritt, the Jefferson Park Neighbors president, reported:

“I just left a meeting with EPPD Chief Tommy Gardner. He asked that we help spread the word. Specifically, we have an East Point Police Officer who needs our help. Toure Heywood is in need of a 5 organ transplant….in the meantime, he continues to come to work every day to serve the City of East Point! Chief Gardner described it as, “inspiration coming to work daily.”

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East Point City Council weighs South Fulton city debate


From the meeting on February 23, 2015:

All of the consent items were approved, including:

From the agenda items, here are the most important highlights. (Please note the below updates is subject to corrections and changes by those in attendance.)

Legislative Issues: incorporation of unincorporated south Fulton County and its impact on the finances of East Point 

There was considerable debate on this topic. There are eight factors that determine how LOST funds are distributed with one of those factors including population.

One council member said there are other pressing issues the council should focus on, not about south Fulton residents wanting to incorporate. Another council member said they will not support the resolution opposing the House bill to allow south Fulton to hold a referendum on incorporation as that is telling a community they cannot vote on their destiny.

After more debate, the issue is tabled.

Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 1 – General Provisions Sections 2-2003 and 2-2004:

This topic is regarding the merging of the Finance and Budget Committees. There were significant questions and discussion about this item. It has been postponed to the April 13th work session as there will not be any work sessions in March. In the meantime, a work around is to appoint the same three people to both committees.

Discussion and Possible Action on the Transportation Bill

HB 170 made news as of late since it has been deemed to take money away from local governments to pay for transportation improvements. The language in the bill is being removed as a result of feedback from local governments on the negative impact on their budgets.

Update on MOU with BIDA and City of East Point -

This agenda item took up the most amount of time of the meeting. One council member wanted monthly updates to be presented to council, along with BIDA not having the ability to fire staff that was hired by council.

It was noted that the council cannot appear to manage a state commission. BIDA has been said to not been allowed to function independently which is one of the reasons why progress has not been made with the development of the East Point Commons.

One council member suggested to hire an outside development consultant to ensure something gets done. It was ultimately decided to delay the RFP for an outside development consultant until March 16th.

In addition, the city attorney is to communicate with the BIDA board to bring a draft MOU to the city council in 30 days.

Finally, one council member requested that the city manager direct staff to give an overview of previous reports/recommendations on the commons redevelopment.

Courtesy of Jarrett Bell