East Point eyes improvements to industrial zone

Tractor trailers can snarl the traffic with cars around Oakleigh Drive. City officials want to improve the situation.

Heavy loads from tractor trailers serving the businesses at this industrial hub are damaging the roadway around Oakleigh Drive. And that has got the attention of the City of East Point.

The corridor experiences heavy traffic by semi-tractor trailers, specifically the section of Oakleigh Drive which is zoned Light Industrial. The pavement distress along this section of the corridor can be seen by the presence of alligator cracking, edge cracking, potholes, and bumps among other noticeable characteristics of poor pavement. Oakleigh Drive has an urban section utilizing mainly granite header curb and concrete curb and gutter in some sections. As a result of the large trucks crossing the curbs and parking along the shoulders, the header curb has failed, and the grass shoulders have been worn and ultimately have caused erosion in the form of gullies along the roadway. The heavy truck use and parking along the shoulders often slows or hinders traffic during peak hours of the day. (Source.)

Here’s what the city is pursuing:

  • Recommendation for pavement remediation measures along Oakleigh Drive, specifically between Wadley Avenue and Sylvan Road. Mill and resurface of full depth reclamation is anticipated and expected to be the mitigation measure. It is expected that Oakleigh Drive, between Wadley Road and Lawrence Street, may be mitigated with a combination of mill and resurface, crack seal, and asphalt seal.
  • Design sidewalks along the south end of Oakleigh Drive between Sylvan Road and Randall Street.
  • Restripe the entire length of the Project from Sylvan Road to Lawrence Street, including the entrance and exit ramps for Main Street S.R. 139 / U.S. 29 and Milledge Street.
  • Add landscaping along the corridor (Later clarified to mean landscaping will be “incidental” only.)

Farmers Market in East Point and Hapeville

2011 08 06 Farmers Market

photo: gmtbillings


If you like buying produce, breads, arts and crafts, and other items from the people who grow the crops and make them the fine art, put local Farmers Markets on your calendar.

Wednesday is the weekly market in downtown East Point,from 4-7p.m. at Fire Station #1, 2757 East Point St.

Toasted Cheese Food Truck & KONA Ice Truck are scheduled to appear

And just around the corner, Hapeville turns its downtown into an open air market on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.