In Person: Pamela Moxley, pastry chef© 4amoeba

Pamela Moxley thought she’d be standing in front of a classroom teaching about the fall of Rome, the rise of the Enlightenment and others noteworthy events covered in a school history class.

But a college job introduced her to the energy of a kitchen, which was followed by studying in culinary school. Now, she’s a pastry chef, numbered among the top talents.

“In Person” is an occasional feature of The Jefferson Park Hub to spotlight residents of the community. Here’s another. Yet another.

The AJC food blog – “Food and More” – said this is about the Jefferson Park resident:

Atlanta nominee Pamela Moxley trained at Seattle Community College and has worked at Craft, Craftbar (New York City) and Bacchanalia. She joined Miller Union last spring and immediately began wowing customers with treats like her sweet corn ice cream with blueberries and candied lemon that took the “fan favorite” title at the Slow Food Ice Cream Social.

A standout in her field, she participated in Food & Wine magazine’ “Best New Pastry Chef” contest.

Moxley answered questions from The Jefferson Park Hub:

The JP Hub: Did you grow up wanting to be a chef? What is your earliest memory of cooking?

Pamela Moxley: No, I sort of fell into becoming a Chef. I always worked in kitchens throughout college but always thought I would be a history teacher. When I moved to the west coast I tried to get a “normal” job but soon missed the energy of a kitchen so I went to culinary school for pastry. I grew up in a big family with a father from a southern farming family and a New Englander mother so there was this odd combination of food. My father “ran” the garden while my mother canned everything. I thought it was totally normal to have a bookcase of canned vegetables in the basement for winter, and a room to hold apples so that they were preserved throughout the fall. We had a concord grape vine that I would climb as a child and eat grapes into the fall, while we even tapped our maple trees at one point. So we were always a food-centered family, in terms of production and cooking. So, all of early childhood memories involve food, whether it was working in the garden (picking off potato bugs…ahh) or helping my mother make a pie. Let’s just say that there are a lot of pictures of me as a child decorating Christmas cookies with a toothpick!!!!!

The JP Hub: Have you had a mentor in your career? What did that person tell you? And can you share an easy and tasty recipe that you turn to when you want to make something to eat in your kitchen?

Pamela Moxley: I worked with two great Pastry Chefs early on in my career in Seattle. I learned from both of them that it was important to be a strong woman in the kitchen and always have a point of view for your food and be willing to defend it. I am also a huge believer in seasonal baking which everyone was doing in the 90’s on the west coast when I started out. I can’t justify using raspberries in Feb. for Valentine’s Day just because that is what people think that holiday is about….(chocolate and raspberries). I just won’t do it….ever!!! I always joke every year with my employer that if they want that on Valentine’s Day then they better buy me a ticket to Mexico or California so I can go pick some raspberries.

The JP Hub: What drew you to Jefferson Park/East Point? How long have you lived here and what street do you live on?

Pamela Moxley: I moved to Jefferson Park because I had some friends that lived here so I stayed with them a bit. I loved how diverse and sort of secret Jefferson Park was. Then somehow my gypsy spirit was tamed and I ended up buying my first home here. I guess the need to start collecting cats and gardening took over and I loved that as a single person I could afford a house in a great neighborhood and not have a huge commute. I have lived here since 2005, bought my house in 2007 and I live on Winburn Dr…. (the crazy garden on the street level with all the hippie stuff in the front yard).