Plan to enhance East Point’s downtown takes shape

What downtown East Point could look like.

A few hundred apartments and a grocery store are part of the mix to help revamp downtown East Point.

A conceptual plan was recently unveiled.

What is this all about? There was an effort several years ago to build on the grassy sprawl in East Point’s city center. Then the Great Recession hit. Plans were set aside. This is a renewed effort by the East Point Business and Industrial Development Authority to put the grassy acres to its best use.

So, big picture, what is this? More than a pretty picture, but not much more. It’s a concept of what could work in East Point, considering the trends in development and desirability of the oft-used live, work, play concept. Seeing that these apartments are just steps away from MARTA, it makes it in wonk-speak, called transit-oriented development.

What am I looking at?  Project includes 36,000 sq ft of ground floor retail, a small urban format (22,000 sq ft) grocery store, active retiree and market rate multifamily housing. There will also be event space on the Commons, and robust pedestrian-oriented features throughout the site.

OK, what happens next? City council reviews the plans and offers suggestions before weighing on giving the green light to BIDA to enter into an agreement with Macauley Investments.