MARTA Army takes a step toward improving East Point bus stops

The MARTA Army’s East Point project earned an attaboy on the national stage.

The Atlantic’s City Lab put it in its “Best Ideas of 2016” list.

At the No. 4 spot is “The Citizen Heroes Trying to Help Atlanta’s Cash-Strapped Transit.”

The group crowd-funded the installation of trash cans at 80 MARTA bus stop in East Point. One hundred fifty individual donated some $16,000

What’s it all about?

“The second campaign, launched October 19, is raising funds to buy garbage bins for bus stops in East Point, a high-poverty suburb southwest of Atlanta. (The city of East Point has agreed to install and service the cans.) … $5,000 in donations have been collected among community members for “Operation CleanStop,” mostly in $5 and $25 increments.”


This map shows where the trash cans will be installed. The fundraising has stopped.